DigiVOO investigates the impact of Digitalisation on Learning Situations, Learning and Learning Outcomes in Basic Education

The DigiVOO research project, a consortium formed by Tampere University and the University of Helsinki, investigates the impact of digitalisation on learning, learning situations and learning outcomes of lower secondary school students. The research is implemented as an evaluation by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The results of the research project can be utilised when planning the pedagogical use of learning environments. No similar research has been conducted nationally in Finland before. The research results will be utilised in national planning, guidance and development work related to the digitalisation of basic education.

In order to assess the effects of digitalisation, the data collected by the Centre for Educational Assessment at the University of Helsinki since 2001 will be combined with the new data and the results will be compared with the national data collected in the school year 2021-2022. The new national data is based on a random sample and is collected using a digital assessment environment. By combining information from both existing and new data, the impact of digitalisation on learning outcomes can be assessed.

In addition to national data, log data are also analysed and students are interviewed in order to find out the impact of digitalisation on learning situations and learning. The results will be presented in the project’s interim report in December 2021 and in the final report in December 2022. In addition, the research results will be reported in international scientific articles.

The research project is led by Professors Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen (TAU) and Risto Hotulainen (HY) and Associate Professor Petri Ihantola (HY). Several REAL researchers are working on this research project.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has published the project’s privacy notice on its website. You can find the notice from this link (only in Finnish).

Contact person
Postdoctoral researcher Sanna Oinas, sanna.oinas@utu.fi, +358294120395