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In our material bank, you can find theoretical materials (research literature, expert videos) and practical examples and tools related to implementation and assessment of transversal competences in ECE, basic and upper-secondary education. All of our materials are freely accessible and licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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Our new book (in Finnish)

Our peer-reviewed book, published in spring 2022, is a scholarly collection of articles exploring the development of transversal expertise in the school context. The book will also delve into the conceptual, historical and educational policy background of transversal competences and, more generally, of future competence models.

Transversal competences are a common goal for all subjects at school.  

It consists of knowledge and skills learned in different subjects, but it is also associated with values and attitudes that create the will to use one’s own knowledge.

For decades, educational researchers, developers and global organizations have been reflecting on and developing models of how the knowledge capital provided by schools can be developed into transversal competences that contribute to people’s lifelong learning and well-being, as well as to a sustainable future and productivity for the world.

Our Material bank contains resources to help you develop your skills as a teacher of transversal competences in pre-primary, primary and upper secondary education. You can watch videos produced by our experts on the areas of transversal competences, their history and links with different subjects, as well as recent research.

You can also take advantage of tips and ready-made models from our researchers and student teachers to help you build inspiring learning contexts that develop your students’ transversal competences. We have developed the  Laatuska learning environment (in Finnish) to help you assess your students’ transversal competences and set objectives.

The materials have been produced in the project “Teaching and Assessing Transversal Competences in Formal and Informal Learning Environments”, funded by the Teacher Education Forum of the Ministry of Education and Culture. All materials are freely available for your use.

The project website can be found here.