The digital learning environment, Laatuska, is being developed as part of the project. Its purpose is to help teachers assess transversal skills according to the Finnish basic education curriculum, in both subject-specific teaching and multidisciplinary learning modules. Laatuska is a gamified way for students to reflect on their own strengths and areas of improvement, taking into account their own level of development. Students can think about and set goals for themselves that relate to knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and their own willingness to act. In addition, the teacher can set goals for the development of the student’s knowledge and skills. The learning environment makes assessment transparent and helps students understand what will be practiced and assessed at any given time and why. A phrasebank is also being developed in connection to Laatuska. It consists of subject-specific criteria from the Finnish basic education curriculum, which transforms the transversal skills objectives into a more visible form. Laatuska is only available in Finnish.