Research group for Education, Assessment and Learning

The Research Group for Education, Assessment and Learning (REAL) is a collaboration between Tampere University, the University of Helsinki, and the University of Jyväskylä. The group aims to advance scientific knowledge on assessment across different domains. The focus of its projects is on practical needs in educational assessment and, in turn, how to prepare future educators for meeting these needs.

The research group’s activities also include project work. The Ministry of Education and Culture’s key project “Assessment of Transversal Competences in Formal and Informal Learning Environments”, which started in 2018, is currently underway. More about the project  here.


This is the press release from the Ministry of Education and Culture […]


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(In Finnish below) As promised in the previous post, here is some information about the award-winning course "Quality and Evaluation in Education" of Assoc. Prof. Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen and Prof. Jaakko Kauko. This spring the course was offered as a mass-lecture in Finnish, however, this fall it will be available to the students of all levels at Tampere University in English.

Kuten edellisessä viestissä luvattiin, tässä on hieman lisätietoja apulaisprofessori Mari-Pauliina Vainikaisen ja professori Jaakko Kaukon palkitusta kurssista "Laatu ja arviointi koulutuksessa". Kurssi tarjottiin tänä keväänä suomenkielisenä luentokurssina, mutta syksyllä se on myös englanninkielisten opiskelijoiden saatavilla Tampereen yliopistossa. Suomenkielinen kuvaus löytyy kommenteista.
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