The overall aim of this research is to create, test, and validate new generation dynamic digital assessment tools for 21st century skills in educational settings.

This project consists of two parts:

    Part 1   Research-based framework for technology-enhanced training of 21st century skills

    Part 2  Development and piloting of novel assessment and training tools

In the first half of the project, existing assessment data are analysed and reported to provide a scientific ground for the development of the assessment platform. During the second half of the project, the novel adaptive assessment and training platform is tested in several pilot studies.

Log data analysis is the basis of adaptive technology-enhanced training in this project, particularly its use for the training of pupils’ domain-general cognitive competences and educational interventions.

Research questions

  1.    How should 21st century skills be defined, and the assessment and training of them be designed, to best support a wide range of developing cognitive     1.   and non-cognitive competences?

  2.     Can the non-cognitive aspects of 21st century skills be measured using log data instead of self-reported questionnaires?

  3.    How can the technology used in computer adaptive testing be utilised for designing adaptive training programmes for 21st century skills?

  4.     How can log data analysis help us identify crucial points in the process of solving complex tasks in order to direct feedback more accurately?

This project has potential for important scientific breakthroughs as log data analysis is still an emerging field in educational research. The ultimate goal is that from the year 2021 on, dynamic research-based assessment and training of 21st century skills will be widely practiced in Finnish schools.