The preseminar, organized by the Teaching and Assessing Transversal Competences in Formal and Informal Learning Environments project, will present a wide range of research on transversal competences and put ideas into practice in related workshops.

Transversal competences (Key competences, 21st Century Skills) refer to the more general cross-curricular knowledge, skills and attitudes that are defined in the curricula of different school levels in Finland as common objectives for all subjects and elements of school culture. The 3.5-year project “Teaching and assessing transversal competences in formal and informal learning environments”, which will end at the end of this year, has developed research-based methods and digital tools to support transversal competences. At the same time, training modules consisting of theoretical and practical components have been built, which have been used in teacher training at the universities implementing the project and are currently being applied in in-service training. The project has also produced an extensive open material bank, the content of which has also been developed with the help of student teachers. The final product of the project will be a book for teacher education and in-service training, which will bring together in a comprehensive way scientific knowledge and practical approaches to the subject from a variety of perspectives.

The morning session will focus on presenting the development project and its outputs, while the authors of the different chapters of the forthcoming book will present their findings in short research presentations.

Before lunch, the researchers will also meet in small groups in which participants will be able to contribute their own perspectives to the discussion. The afternoon session will consist of workshops to try out the tools and approaches to promoting transversal competences developed during the project and to get to know the material bank. The main working language of the preseminar will be Finnish, but some of the presentations and workshops will be in English.

The preseminar is free of charge for participants, but we encourage registration for the practical planning of the workshop.

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Milja Saarnio, Researcher (Tampere University),
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Postdoctoral researcher (University of Jyväskylä),
Päivi Nilivaara, Researcher (Tampere University)
Mari-Pauliina Vain ikainen, Professor (Tampere University)
Tiina Mäkelä, Postdoctoral researcher (University of Jyväskylä)
Hannu Salmi, Professor/Research director (University of Helsinki)
Sanna Oinas, Postdoctoral researcher (Tampere University/University of Helsinki)
Takumi Yada, Researcher (University of Jyväskylä)
Laura Nyman, Researcher (Tampere University/University of Helsinki), preseminar technical contact (