Research group for Education, Assessment and Learning

The Research Group for Education, Assessment and Learning (REAL) is a collaboration between Tampere University, the University of Helsinki, and the University of Jyväskylä. The group aims to advance scientific knowledge on assessment across different domains. The focus of its projects is on practical needs in educational assessment and, in turn, how to train future educators to meet these needs.

The research group’s activities also include project work. The Ministry of Education and Culture’s key project “ Assessment of Transversal Competences in Formal and Informal Learning Environments”, which started in 2018, and  a nationwide research project on distance learning under the COVID-19 exceptional circumstances launched in spring 2020 (also funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture), are currently underway.


FERA Conference on Education Preseminar 24.11.2021
Teaching and Assessment of Transversal Competences

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